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2021 Workshops

For Teachers, By Teachers – All Students, All Standards!

  • Using Digital Notebooks for Storylines

  • NGSS Storylining 101: How to effectively implement NGSS/The 3 Dimensions

  • Using Technology to Make Storylines Remote-Ready

  • Equity and Belonging through Modified Biology Storylines: Remote & In-person

  • Storylining in AP Biology

Storyline Crash Courses

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2021 Conference

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“Building Coherence for Long Lasting Learning”

February 26, 2021 

830am-3pm Central Time

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Virtual Field Trips

More Dates

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2020 Science Storylining Workshops!

Three-dimensional learning that incorporates the disciplinary core ideas, the science practices and the cross-cutting concepts is the driving force for improving the student learning experience. In order to better integrate the different topics typically taught in the high school classroom, storyline units that are coherent and phenomenon-driven have been created so that students can make sense of how science works in real world situations. Participants will engage in an immersion in a life science storyline to see firsthand how storylines engage students and will reflect on the implementation and assessment of the Three Dimensions.

Science Storylining for Coherent Instruction

Webinar Series

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For immediate viewing!

Cost: $125 Registrant

Physical & Life 

Science Storylining Membership

Monthly & Annual Plans Available



Teaching & Learning

The All Species Education Consulting group includes nationally recognized, award-winning educators who are highly trained in the implementation of three-dimensional learning. We strive to illustrate the effectiveness of using phenomenon and natural student curiosity to drive instruction and build coherence throughout your science course.


We offer a host of practical professional development opportunities that will allow educators and school leaders to better understand the effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensional learning. We have successfully developed model units and lessons that can provide a clear picture of the fundamental shift necessary in today’s science classrooms.


Our consultation goals are based on a needs assessment, but can include to

  • Provide guidance for implementing the new science standards for your state, based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education and/or the Next Generation Science Standards,

  • Lead teachers through a three-dimensional learning experience that demonstrates how to use phenomena to drive instruction, and/or

  • Allow teachers to analyze authentic student work to better understand three-dimensional assessments are utilized.

Teachers, School Leaders, School Personnel



people and animals 


The mission of the All Species Consulting Consortium is to use our collective experience to enhance the welfare, ensure choices and promote the use of naturalistic behaviors in the lives and environments of animals in human care.  We also strive to make meaningful connections between people and animals through quality education programs.


Through individual and/or collective presentations and consultations, we aim to provide valuable information that can be used on a regular basis to increase the positive aspects of the lives of the animals in your care.

Click Here to Meet the Team!
Giraffe at the Zoo

Zoological Institutions, Museums, Wildlife Centers

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2020 Distinguished Teaching Award

 sponsored by

U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP)

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Complete Curriculum
Authors: J. Crean & J. Dubach


Welcome to!

This site is meant to serve as a resource for the professional development services Dr. Crean provides to educators and educational institutions including schools, zoos, museums, nature centers, and others as well as those who are looking to improve the lives of the animals they keep.  Contained within this website are helpful links to his published works, organizations with which he works, and more.


In the education arena, Dr. Crean specializes in effective and holistic implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards as well as leading professional learning for teachers in phenomenon-driven instruction.  This involves workshops across the country that immerse teachers in storylines so that participants can experience how these coherent units of instruction serve as a deeper, richer learning experience for students.


In the zoological arena, Dr. Crean serves as a consultant, specializing in raw whole food nutrition and dietary enrichment.  He has consulted for zoos, museums, pet owners, animal breeders, and more. 


If you have any questions about how Dr. Crean can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact him at


Jason J. Crean, MS Bio, EdD
Biologist, Educator, Consultant


Beaks Birdhouse is a small indoor aviary located just outside of Chicago, Illinois owned and operated by Jason J. Crean, MS, EdD. Crean is a biologist, zoo consultant, and aviculturist that specializes in handreared softbills (whitebacked mousebirds and green aracaris). At Beaks Birdhouse we strive to educate each and every prospective “parent” in raising and training their new pets or interactive program animals. This website is for information only. We also pride ourselves on donating many different softbill species to zoos and conservation organizations that are in need of new bloodlines. We are devoted to conservation through aviculture. Our bird availability is very limited so please email to get your name on the waiting list.

Our babies are handraised on the highest quality formula, adding an organic food supplement and digestive enzymes to ensure strong growth and feather quality. Our birds are fed a high quality diet that consists of a diversity of whole foods; we avoid offering ultra processed foods like pellets and choose to offer fresh foods like soaked and sprouted items, fruits and vegetables, flowers and more to more closely mimic their wild diets. Our breeding pairs are fed the same high quality diet necessary for the stress of raising offspring. To view our Feeding Guide, click on the Nutrition tab above.

We work closely with our avian veterinarian to be sure our birds receive the best care possible. We encourage all our visitors to contact us direct for detailed information after viewing our website.

Email us to get your name on the waiting list, if you’re interested in one of our birds or if you would like information on scheduling a consultation or speaking engagement.

IDEA Program:
Interactive Display & Educational Animal Program

As a biologist and educator, I consider educating people about wildlife incredibly important. We currently offer an educational program with our live animals that can be either interactive or just display. All programs involve conservation messaging where all participants will learn about the fascinating aspects of the species with which we share our lives. Most programs include birds, reptiles, mammals and other interesting specimens who are already maintained by my students. We accept donations in order to keep our program going as our animals get top quality diets that can be expensive. Please contact us at for more information.