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Green Aracari

Pteroglossus viridis


Beaks Birdhouse is a small indoor aviary located just outside of Chicago, Illinois owned and operated by Jason J. Crean, MS, EdD. Crean is a biologist, zoo consultant, and aviculturist that specializes in handreared softbills (whitebacked mousebirds and green aracaris). At Beaks Birdhouse we strive to educate each and every prospective “parent” in raising and training their new pets or interactive program animals. This website is for information only. We also pride ourselves on donating many different softbill species to zoos and conservation organizations that are in need of new bloodlines. We are devoted to conservation through aviculture. Our bird availability is very limited so please email to get your name on the waiting list.


Our babies are handraised on the highest quality formula, adding an organic food supplement and digestive enzymes to ensure strong growth and feather quality. Our birds are fed a high quality diet that consists of a diversity of whole foods; we avoid offering ultra processed foods like pellets and choose to offer fresh foods like soaked and sprouted items, fruits and vegetables, flowers and more to more closely mimic their wild diets. Our breeding pairs are fed the same high quality diet necessary for the stress of raising offspring. To view our Feeding Guide, click on the Nutrition tab above.


We work closely with our avian veterinarian to be sure our birds receive the best care possible. We encourage all our visitors to contact us direct for detailed information after viewing our website.


Email us to get your name on the waiting list, if you’re interested in one of our birds or if you would like information on scheduling a consultation or speaking engagement.


Please note that a portion of all proceeds goes to benefit our IDEA Program (Interactive Display & Educational Animal Program) as well as The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland. We appreciate your support!


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