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Species Identification:

The Owl Monkey Mystery

Owl monkeys are an amazing look at radiation.  We can look at their chromosomes to determine to which species they belong and where they call home.  In this activity, you will assemble a karyotype and compare it to the DNA sample to determine the species identification and the probably geographical location for its origin. 

A note about the species…

There are different species spread throughout Central and South America, each with its own unique karyotype pattern.  Their name comes from their large eyes that allow them to live their nocturnal lifestyle which includes foraging for fruits and other plant components as well as insects and other small prey.  This species is socially monogamous and males often care for the young over females.


Species Identification: Primates  (pdf file) 

Chromosomes  (pdf file) 

Complete Karyotypes (pdf file)

Gene Sequence (pdf file)

Complete RFLP's (pdf file)


Zoo Genetics Section 6 Owl Monkeys

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